It looks like Soulja Boy and Migos have squashed their alleged beef of the past. The “Crank That” rapper’s Breakfast Club Interview took social media by storm last week after he claimed to give a number of rappers their first break. Since then many have verified Big Draco’s claims to be true. The latest truth comes from Quavo.

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According to Soulja, he was the first person to record on the Zaytoven produced record, before Drake blessed the song and introduced Migos to the world. During The Breakfast Club Interview, Draco first shows Charlagmagne Tha God a recent DM from Takeoff, which solidifies that the beef is done. In a recent interview with Billboard, Quavo was able to verify Soulja Boy’s claims about the “Versace” song.

“Zaytoven normally does this all the time, where he sends the same beat out,” said Huncho. “Growing up, I think I heard the song, it was like an “OMG” song. Then we ended up doing a harder record with some harder lyrics. Soulja most definitely influenced a lot of everybody’s work. He’s speaking facts. He hasn’t said anything wrong.”


The “OMG” record turn out to be “Teach Me How To Swag Part 2.” It was released in 2012, while Drake hopped on “Versace” a year later. There is no debate that Migos’ song had a bigger impact, but Soulja’s claim of influence holds up to be true. Listen to both songs below.

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen. It is no surprise that Soulja Boy has had our attention to start in 2019. Let’s see if he can maintain it.