Suge Knight Jr. is back with the wild Tupac Shakur claims.

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According to the Death Row Records heir, Pac is not only alive but he’s working on new music in the studio. Knight posted on Instagram, “I got Pac back in the studio. New music coming.”

He doubled down in the comments adding, “This ain’t a joke. #NewDeathRow ??/?? Coming soon.” He dragged it and asked producers to send beats for this project. “I need the hottest producer to work on a project for ‘Pac,” he posted.


Suge Knight Jr. Says he has Tupac in the Studio

“First they call you crazy. Then they doubt you. And then they forget how they was treating you at first,” he said after people questioned his sanity.

Suge Knight Jr. Says he has Tupac in the Studio
This isn’t the first time Suge Knight Jr. made outrageous claims about Pac. Last October he claimed that he was alive and living in Malaysia.

“[Tupac] never left us. They’ll be after me soon smh. For y’all tho ?,” he captioned a photo. He later posted a video appearing seemingly paranoid and someone was allegedly following him for speaking the truth. “I’m not on drugs,” he wrote in a follow-up post.