Whenever someone comes in contact with Kanye West and then are asked by the media how he is doing the answer is always some close variation of “he’s in a real good place.” That is the case again as Slim of 112 spoke with TMZ.

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In case you missed it, 112 were spotted with Ye and even sang “Cupid” for Kim Kardashian over the phone. So naturally, they had to sit down and talked about the encounter.

Slim would detail the experience with Kanye and revealed that Kanye is “in a good place spiritually” and also applied the genius tag to the new music that will be coming from him. The statement is interesting, recently Kanye has been doing a segment of small intimate sets that he dubs “Sunday Service” and with an album that is titled Yandhi, could he be on a spiritual wave for the forthcoming work?


Slim detailed that religion dominated their conversation and was working on a Christian sound for his new music.

Currently, there are no details on when Yandhi will be available, but Kanye is clearly hard at work.