Casanova is starting out 2019 hot by giving the streets the music that they want to hear.

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On Casanova’s latest single “2 AM,” the Brooklyn rapper does just that, as he follows the lead of Tory Lanez and Davido for his first venture into a thriving Afrobeats genre.

Casanova isn’t a stranger to Afrobeats considering he is from Flatbush, Brooklyn and both his parents are Caribbean. Reggae and Caribbean sounds are in his DNA, so transitioning to Afrobeats would only make sense. Flatbush, Brooklyn is a cultural melting pot where foreign musical taste runs fluently throughout those Brooklyn streets. Going to Nigeria to film the video to really showcase the sound was the best call for all parties involved.


“2 AM” was produced by 30 Roc (Travis Scott, Cardi B, Rae Sremmurd) and the track’s sultry Afrobeat rhythm inspired Casanova to shoot scenes for the video alongside Davido in Lagos, in addition to filming with Tory in Atlanta. “Going to Africa really opened my eyes,” says Casanova of his maiden voyage to the motherland. “We went into one of the toughest hoods in Nigeria and it was like nothing I’ve ever seen. People were screaming for us. There were hyenas running wild.

Filming the video for “2 am”, was Casanova’s first trip to Africa. Anticipation for the release of “2 AM” recently exploded beyond Casanova’s core fans after he posted a behind the scenes clip from the video shoot in Lagos that quickly went viral on Instagram.

From his Instagram post, clearly, Casanova feels comfortable roaming around Nigeria. After all, Brooklyn has similar hoods as well, minus the animals. The party scenes showcase a very similar dancehall culture that has been seen in Brooklyn for many decades now.  Togetherness through tough times via music and good vibes isn’t just the Brooklyn way.

Free At Last, is the follow up to Casanova’s critically acclaimed 2018 debut EP, Commissary, which featured guest appearances from Chris Brown, Fabolous, A Boogie wit da Hoodie and G-Eazy, and established him as one of hip-hop’s hottest rising stars. Now that the ex-hustler is off parole, he’s ready to see the world and let his artistry fly first class with the release of Free At Last. “They not gonna box me in,” he says. “I’m not trying to be the tough guy anymore. I ain’t trying to be no hero. All heroes die and you can’t just fight anymore. All I want to do is feed my family.”