Crocs had us all in awe with how fast the brand’s first collab with Post Malone sold out, and then again when the second drop sold out in 10 minutes with no problem. Now they’re back to shock us some more with a little help from Chinatown Market, this time taking it all the way to the turf.

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Similar to that grassy Air Max 1 Golf colorway we saw last week, the Chinatown x Crocs Clogs — try saying that 10 times fast! — is completely decked out in a turf construction, which extends onto the interior and exterior. While these are clearly meant to give you the feeling of walking barefoot on the lawn, it also might feel like having a foot full of grass in between your toes all day. Hey, that might feel like heaven, too!

Those interested can pick these up tomorrow (January 24) at 11 AM EST over in Chinatown Market’s official web store. Get a better look at these crazy Clogs below: