Last Wednesday, the city of Chicago officials executed a court-mandated search of a warehouse rented by R. Kelly. The search was to ensure the use of the building was for the actual purpose, instead of a recording studio and residence as it had been rumored. The visit to the property resulted in violations and now can possibly set up as a drain for the pockets of the “Step in the Name of Love” singer.

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The warehouse, located on Chicago’s near west-side, was featured in the Surviving R. Kelly docuseries, but TMZ reports the building has 66 violations that are all causes by R. Kelly.

Those violations include the warehouse being used as a place of residence and not having proper permits for the installation of a sauna, bar, and more. The fines can be as low as $500 and high as $1,000. If you do the math, that could start at a daily cost of $33,000.


Per usual, R. Kelly is not going down easy. His lawyer Melvin L. Sims III assisted in the defense of the property, stating the situation was not an “Emergency” and would work to rectifying the violations. The Studio, however, is still open for business. The protests of R. Kelly in the area are likely to continue as well.