On this date in 2008, the Stacy Peralta-directed documentary, which delves into the everyday life of the Crips and Bloods in the ghettos of America and why the gang narrative is so alluring to today’s Black youth.

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Surf and skate based director Stacy Peralta took a serious look at the cause and effect of the gang problem in the U.S. and law enforcement’s military-like response to the problem that’s been prevalent in America’s larger inner cities for at least the past three decades.

Set in the heart of South Central LA, OGs like NFL Hall Of Famer Jim Brown and former LA gang member/current mentor T Rodgers give the history, while several other community leaders and former gang members recount the major part that the drug trade played in the negative connotation attached to the gangs following their revolutionary origins.


Salute to Peralta, Jim Brown, T Rodgers, Minister Tony Muhammad and all of the former Bloods and Crips who contributed to this important piece of Hip-Hop history!