Almost five years ago, Nas and his successful investment company dumped millions into an internet-based television streaming service and now that investment has paid off.

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Nas’ Queensbridge Venture Partners put up the money to launch PlutoTV, a paid streaming service which streams more than 100 channels and thousands of hours of on-demand content including television and movies, sports, news, lifestyle, comedy, cartoons, gaming, and trending digital series.

After five years, the company has partnered with well over 100 digital content producers, television networks and major TV and film studios and brands such as Universal Music Group and Samsung.


Viacom has confirmed the purchase of PlutoTV and is being celebrated by Pluto’s CEO Tom Ryan.

“Viacom’s portfolio of global, iconic brands and IP, advanced advertising leadership and international reach will enable Pluto TV to grow even faster and become a major force in streaming TV worldwide. Viacom is the perfect partner to help us accomplish our mission of entertaining the planet,” said Ryan.