The self-proclaimed “King Of The South” has some words for Travis Scott and his controversial decision to perform at this year’s Super Bowl.

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In an exclusive interview with TMZ’s Raq Rants, T.I. suggests that all entertainers that can see the overt blackballing that was done to Colin Kaepernick are reason enough for Cactus Jack to sit this NFL Championship out.

“I think every man have an opportunity … he can make a decision for himself, or he could be selfless. And, nobody can tell someone when to be selfless. … That’s every man’s right to choose that moment for themselves. So, if this ain’t something that he wanted to be selfless about, hopefully in the future we’ll see other moments where he will. You dig?”


Many entertainers and critics have singled out Scott for accepting the Super Bowl invitation, but others such as Freddie Gibbs have pointed out that they have yet to criticize the players who are participating in the Super Bowl.