C-Murder’s opportunity to receive a retrial for a 2002 murder has been thrown out. The New Orleans Advocate reports a judge presiding over the case states the recantations from two witnesses of the events at the Harvey night club were not credible for a retrial.

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The ruling came from Judge Steven Enright on Wednesday and stated the 2009 conviction for the murder of Steven Thomas would not be retried after the lawyer of C-Murder, born Corey Miller, requested it was thrown out or heard again in court.

The new statements from the witnesses were stated to be “highly suspicious” and did not meet the criteria for a new trial.


in 2018, Kenneth Jordan revealed that he lied about Miller being the killer at the club that night. Jordan stated he was under the pressure of investigators to place blame on Miller. The additional witness, Darnell Jordan, also stated he was tricked into placing blame to Miller.

The judge stated the claims by Kenneth Jordan against investigators was not credible because he was never arrested for the death of his daughter, while Darnell Jordan’s story changed numerous times between the night of the showing and taking the stand to testify.

There are currently no additional actions to move toward a retrial for Miller.

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