Lisa Van Allen was one of the standout victims who participated in the Surviving R. Kelly documentary because she gave explicit details about her relationship with the singer that could’ve possibly tainted her image as well. But she bravely told her truth and was met with love and support.

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Joycelyn Savage posted on her social media account over the weekend that she was going to tell her side of the story on Patreon, which people have to pay for to access. This was already a red flag for people who weren’t convinced that Savage was behind the page. Apparently Van Allen isn’t too sure if that’s actually her either.

TMZ asked Van Allen about her thoughts on the young girl’s recent revelations and she said she wasn’t “really all that convinced that it’s her.” One thing that raised an eyebrow was Savage mentioning the use of condoms which Van Allen admits “Rob” doesn’t use.


She also added that Savage mentioned that someone is “letting her speak,” which is questionable with Kelly behind bars.

But this doesn’t mean that Lisa Van Allen doesn’t believe that Joycelyn Savage was, in fact, one of R. Kelly’s sex slaves, but she’s not sure who’s the one telling this story.

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