Jon B is under fire for comments he made about a then-16-year-old Beyonce in a resurfaced interview.

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“My first major tour was with Destiny’s Child as the opening act for me and Jagged Edge as the opening act,” he said. “So, we’re all labelmates and we’re all going to the radio stations to promote our records together all as a unit. I love that, because we don’t do that anymore. You think about it, it was Beyonce in the beginning of her career, so I was looking at a little 16, 17-year-old Beyoncé just like [wide-eyed and mouth open],” he said as he laughed.

He continued laughing knowing how crazy it sounded. . “I’m sorry but…’cause I’m a grown man at the time, it’s kinda wrong, but you know. You already know,” he added with a finger point. “It was awesome to be able to like, come up on the side of the stage while they’re performing, Destiny’s Child was doing the…back then it was ‘Bills, Bills, Bills’ and all these records and just watching them do their thing then come off the stage and be like ‘Yay, that was really good. Kill it Jon!’ Beyoncé telling me to kill it. That’d be huge now. If I could open up for Beyoncé now. Switch it around. It’s definitely something fun to look back at.”


The Beyhive was upset that Jon B openly admitted to being attracted to a minor, especially since Matthew Knowles claimed Jagged Edge sexually harassed his daughter and Kelly Rowland.

A lot of people think he shared TMI in the interview, meanwhile, others argued that she was an attractive young lady. What are your thoughts?