Blueface recently went viral for making it rain on the homeless at Skid Row and received some backlash for it. However, Tiffany Haddish didn’t see anything wrong with his actions.

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In a quick interview with TMZ, the comedian said critics wouldn’t understand because they don’t come from the same background as the rapper.

“Those people who say it’s dehumanizing or degrading haven’t lived in the ‘hood,” Haddish said. “I’m from South Central, Los Angeles and I’ve been around a lot of gangbangers, dope dealers, things like that… For my entire life, I have known a lot of men with money that are affiliated to jump on top of their best vehicle and make it rain on everybody… It’s not unusual. Actually, from my experience, it’s traditional.”


A lot of people thought the “Thotiana” rapper’s actions were degrading to the homeless when he could’ve handed it to them or organized a charity event with his team.