Battle rap on beat may bring up memories of years gone by, but the team at Verbal WarZone Battle League have found an innovative way to mesh that pure vibe of rappers riding and battling out over beats with the competitive pre-prepared format of today in a highly entertaining, competitive way. While having been around for the last few years developing the concept and fine-tuning the all-important technical aspects of such a hybrid model, Verbal WarZone really came to notable prominence in late-November last year it’s star-studded World War 1 card was announced.

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Hosted by battle rap legend Charlie Clips (now also on Wild ‘N Out) and featuring some of the cultures best battlers including DNA, Cortez, Mickey Factz, Swave Sevah, Chess, Bill Collector, Steams, Dre Dennis, Buttah From Da Block and more, the majority of the battles have now been released to YouTube so fans can see what all the fuss is about. The Bill Collector vs. Dre Dennis battle proved to a fan favorite, as did the Cortez and DNA battles all over three rounds on unique beats.


No one hit wonder, Verbal WarZone had previously hosted Chef Trez, Swave Sevah as well as a host of other talented battle rappers verging on a URL jersey.  Stay tuned to Verbal WarZone – bringing back something unique to the beat.