From sunglasses to sneakers, A Bathing Ape has always got something worth copping for the season. The latest is a take on the vintage denim trend, reminding us just how wide the BAPE brand extends.

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The capsule collection featured here is comprised of six pieces, with majority of the set utilizing 13.5 oz Japanese-made denim fabric. Brand mainstays make their way into the design as well, including the Shark Head motif on the jackets and jeans, 1ST CAMO print on a distressed hoodie and finally the signature Ape Head logo popping up on embroidered jeans and an overshirt that also incorporates the “Ape Shall Never Kill Ape” slogan. As good ol’ blues will surely never go out of style, this collection arrives with perfect timing to get fresh for any season.

The A Bathing Ape Vintage Denim Collection is available now at BAPE Hong Kong, but stay tuned to the brand’s online portal for details on a wider release.

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