Charles Barkley has seen and heard enough from today’s NBA superstars.

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The Hall of Famer ripped New Orleans Pelicans star Anthony Davis, the Los Angeles Lakers, agents and really, the general culture of the entire NBA world during a segment on Thursday night’s Inside the NBA.

After discussing the New York Knicks-Dallas Mavericks trade centered around Kristaps Porzingis, the conversation shifted to Davis, whose trade request dominated basketball headlines all week. Barkley, who said more than a month ago he already believed the fix was in to get Davis to the Lakers, went off Thursday night, saying he believes NBA commissioner Adam Silver should step in and veto any trade that would send Davis to LA.


James and Davis share an agent — Rich Paul of Klutch Sports — which makes it seem like they have coordinated things in an effort to get the two superstars together. There is talk that Davis is trying to discourage teams from trading for him by saying he will sign with the Lakers in 2020.

Former NBA Commissioner David Stern stepped in during the past to block a Chris Paul trade to the Lakers in 2011. This does seem to be a clear case of tampering and/or collusion. Adam Silver would be well within his rights to intervene.