Whether you’re caught up in the latest season of Netflix’s El Chapo or the current media frenzy happening right now with the real El Chapo, it’s clear to see that the Mexican cartel convict is a pop culture phenomenon — the latest example of America’s guilty pleasure for notorious drug-dealing kingpins like the late Pablo Escobar and Griselda Blanco. For those that were fans of his style in particular, one of his daughters is gearing up to spearhead a new apparel line inspired by her world-infamous pops.

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Alejandrina Gisselle Guzmán, Chapo’s 38-year-old daughter, is steering the wheels behind El Chapo 701, a clothing brand that promotes the big baller lifestyle her dad lived minus the illegal tender of course. The brand will provide a premium collection of lifestyle products across the board, ranging from suits, tees, denim and other fashion items to a whole liquor brand and even jewelry. See the English translation of the brand’s mission statement on its website below:

“Born in the mountains of the tuna.
Humble seller of oranges with many goals and a great ambition.
Proud of his roots, friend of all, willing leader, attentive and always present for his people.
Of strong aspirations and ideals.
Courageous, charismatic, of honor, word and respect,
with a solution and outputs always ready in front of any challenge.
In the whole world he is known as the CEO of Sinaloa or the lord of the mountains.
It is the only and legendary 701.
A living legend with a revolutionary essence.”

Only time will tell if El Chapo 701 becomes the luxury goods company that Alejandrina envisions it being, or if people will see it as a marketing ploy to capitalize off the insane amount of press surrounding Joaquín Guzmán at the moment, but either way we applaud her trying to carry on the family legacy in a more positive direction.

Take a look at some of the projected pieces and branding for El Chapo 701 below, and stay tuned on the brand’s official website for all info on an official launch date: