Whether it is just a disinterest due to the current state of world affairs or the protest of the NFL at large due to Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling protest against police brutality, but this year’s Super Bowl was the least watched in the past ten years.

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With all of the hoopla surrounding the pre-game activities in Atlanta and all of the celebrities, it would be expected that the game would be one of the most watched in history, however, the protests because of Kaepernick’s blackballing coupled with the low scoring game made the Pats vs. Rams NFL Championship game one of the least watched Super Bowls since 2009, according to Nielsen ratings.

The halftime show proved to be just as lackluster in terms of Hip Hop’s contribution, with Travis Scott and Big Boi only singing a short medley of their hits.


With no touchdowns until the fourth quarter by New England, many viewers were simply not entertained with Super Bowl LIII. Maybe if Kap gets a job, the people may want to watch football again.