Snitching is never a good thing. Doing it about your job, that is even worst. ESPN has fired Adnan Virk, according to a report from Andrew Marchand in the New York Post.

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Virk had recently signed an extension with the network, but according to Marchand, Virk was escorted out on Friday as part of a company investigation into media leaks.

Virk was reportedly given the boot because he leaked company info to the media, and when the Worldwide Leader investigated the source of those leaked secrets, he didn’t fully cooperate.


Virk, 40, joined ESPN in 2010 and had recently become a lead studio host for the network’s college football coverage. He was also a featured host on ESPN’s “Baseball Tonight,” as well as their college basketball programming and various ESPN Radio spots.

Koo did not comment to Marchand on his sources. An ESPN flack wouldn’t tell me anything beyond, “Adnan Virk no longer works at ESPN,” although they did direct me to Marchand’s article from today. Virk is reportedly in the process of lawyering up, as he had recently signed a four-year deal with the network and now isn’t receiving any severance: