Contrary to popular opinion, (mainly Soulja Boy) it is pretty evident that Meek Mill had the biggest comeback of the previous year.

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Though it has almost been a year since the Philadelphia rapper’s release from prison, his stock continues to rise to new heights that even he would have never imagined. Since his release, he has been the face of criminal justice reform in this country.

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Meek’s was controversially incarcerated  31-year-old rapper violated probation. Though both the prosecutor and the probation officer recommended to his presiding judge, Hon. Genece Brinkley that Meek not face any jail time for the non-criminal infraction, he did do a stint behind bars. Judge Brinkley ignored their recommendations and sentenced Meek a 2-4 year sentence which caused outrage and protest in the Black community. He was released from prison in April of 2018. Upon release, he was greeted by comedian Kevin Hart and 76ers co-owner, Michael Rubin. The two whisked him to the local team’s game and he was celebrated by friends and fans alike. Since his release he has been a strong advocate for prison reform, using his celebrity to shift the conversation on a national level.


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His relationship with Rubin,  Patriot’s owner Robert Kraft, and Jay-Z has aided in his efforts to fight for injustice.

As the old saying goes, surround yourself with people who push you. It is evident that Meek Mill is doing just that.

During Super Bowl weekend, Mill was pictured with Kraft, Rubin and the world’s wealthiest individual, Jeff Bezos. His caption stated, “Dream chasers … patriots … Amazon ….fanatics still going bad on em anyway Williams …Kraft…. bezos…Rubin.”

It is likely that the 31-year-old artist plans to establish a relationship with Bezos. It will only up his profile and put him closer to those who can advance his agenda.