Devon Franklin stopped by The Breakfast Club to discuss his new book, The Truth About Men with Angela Yee and Charlamagne Tha God. They talked about everything from the behavior of men, his father cheating on his mother, and why he believes you shouldn’t watch pornography.

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Angela Yee begins, “I want to ask you about pornography because you address it in the book. And, you feel that pornography is harmful to relationships, and some people clearly do get addicted to porn and that is harmful. Do you think that casually watching porn shouldn’t be done?

“I don’t think it should be done, because in the book I have a whole thing about the one you feed. And so, within us, you have to feed the master of the dog. I call vice, dog food,” Franklin responded. “I call virtue soul food. And I would put porn in the category of dog food, because that what it is. It’s vice.” He then continued, “You look at something that is not real. So it’s equivalent of you know, I’m a producer and I make movies. So you can look at the screen and say, Wow! I want to put on a fly suit and fly around the city Right? And have these claws and you can’t do it.”


Franklin added,  “A lot of time you see these images and you say, oh, I learned some tricks. But what it does is it creates an unrealistic expectation of what intimacy really looks like.”

The Truth About Men is the male counterargument to the age-old question, why are men dogs? In the book, Franklin argues that men struggle and he uses the metaphor of a dog that needs training as a way to explore why behavior exist in men that can lead them to act against their vows, their integrity, even their character.

Do you think you should give up porn when you get into a relationship?