The next entry to Marvel’s Cinematic Universe will mark the end of Disney’s relationship with Netflix and the beginning of a new era. Company chief Bob Iger has confirmed that Captain Marvel will be the media giant’s first title that won’t be available on Netflix — and that’s because it’s earmarked for Disney+ that’s launching later this year.

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In a recent call with Wall Street analysts, Disney CFO Christine McCarthy said the decision to hold back movies and shows from other streaming services could cost the company around $150 million due to the loss of licensing fees. Iger clarified, however, that it’s a loss the entertainment titan is willing to take in order to invest in its future.

There are still some unknown details about the streaming service, including how much it will cost or when exactly it will launch. Currently, Disney plans to kick off the service sometime at the end of 2019 and says it will cost “substantially less” than services like Netflix, which currently charges $10 a month for its most basic streaming package.


Disney has a lot riding on the new service so don’t expect them to fail. Netflix has been preparing for Disney to enter the streaming wars for some time now.