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Skaa is a hip-hop/rap artist from Manila, Philippines but currently based in New York. This track, Come Thru, is a laid back hip-hop/R&B with a sample from Blackstreet’s “Before I let you go”, which Skaa delivers in a half sung, half spoken way – what you would call melodic rapping.

It has an instantly infectious quality that latches quickly in the listener’s memory. The beat has a slinky, languid vibe but is surprisingly intricate and inventive. Lyrically, the track is about the ladies – “Lotta bands, I just let em all loose now she tryna dance, say she wanna come through but she got a man, ask her what you gon do, she don’t got a plan….”.

Skaa’s delivery on the first verse is fairly relaxed but on the second verse he steps it up with some eloquent verbal and rhythmic dexterity: He manages to lay down rapid solid rhymes without appearing to break a sweat, the sign of a natural born rapper. One final roll through the chorus hook brings the track to a concise close.


Overall, this is a classy hip-hop track with an R&B influence by a rap artist at the top of his game. His skills as a lyricist and as an emcee are up there with the finest in his field and he also has a good grasp of memorable, catchy melodies and refrains. What also shines through is his strong sense of self-confidence, which is effective when you can walk the walk, not just talk the talk. Fortunately, Skaa backs up his self-belief with a slick track that’s dripping in cool. It should be one that helps to put his name on the map in the hip-hop world.