The start of a new week brings new issues for R. Kelly. Sunday night (Feb. 10) Chicago police were contacted by a TV news crew from Atlanta stating the keys to a rental car they were using were stolen.

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The CBS crew details they were attempting to cover an incident occurring outside the studio and while the car was left running for under a minute, the keys were stolen from the vehicle. Details from the local authorities state an occupant of a black SUV entered the rental, stole the keys and got back in the SUV and fled the scene. The theft occurred after R. Kelly was confronted outside of the building.


The response from the legal counsel for the troubled singer brushed off the accusation as a reach, stating that Kells would be tagged with the government shut down if it was possible.

If it indeed was R. Kelly leaving the studio, it would be a violation against a court order that stated he would not be able to be inside the space after 9 p.m. Recently, R. Kelly attempted to have that order adjusted because he states he is more creative in the middle of the night.