According to a recent report from Page Six, two neighbors of Empire Star Jussie Smollett have allegedly come forward to say that the actor is lying about being attacked in a hate crime.

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The Chicago PD has been sure to remind the 36-year old thespian of the repercussions of filing a false police report, especially one of such magnitude in such a sensitive time for society in this country.

Agin Muhammad, one of Smollett’s neighbors, claims, “I don’t believe it happened the way he said it did. I’ve been in this neighborhood five years. I don’t believe it, not around here . . . Half the people are gay and the other half are black.”


Another anonymous individual, who says he’s a regular at a nearby bar says, “It’s a lie, because Chicago is the most liberal city around. They have cameras everywhere…Why can’t they find the attack?”

This totally contradicts the one neighbor who says that she saw a suspicious individual around the building where she and Smollett reside about 90 minutes before the alleged attack. The anonymous neighbor says she saw a man that looked like a “redneck” and “what looked like a rope, or a clothesline, protruding from the bottom of his sweatshirt, made of white and blue material.”

The police claim that Smollett has refused to give over his phone, which impedes their investigation and prompts the police to doubt Smollett’s story.

These accusations only make it harder for Smollett tot prove his case that he is indeed a victim. will update this story as it develops.