We really didn’t think it could get any better than a Super Soaker-inspired Jordan Why Not Zer0.2. Of course, Russell Westbrook had to go and outdo himself with another iteration for his new signature shoe, this time crafting up a creative set of kicks to look like the classic Nintendo Game Boy.

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Created in collaboration with Beaverton-based design firm Recon Beat Lab, Westbrook’s latest Why Not Zer0.2 gets the details right to a tee, from the cartridge hang tag and multi-tonal grey upper all the way down to the magenta piping on the midsole to reflect the OG Game Boy buttons. Granted, the shoes do the theme justice on its own, but the box really drives it all home. Much like the aforementioned Super Soaker version, the packaging seen here takes quotes from the original box that came with the retro hand-held gaming system and reworks it to fit Russell’s own monikers — his signature “Own the Chaos” gameplay is the prime call-out in this design scheme. At this point, we really can’t wait to see what comes next.

We doubt the Jordan Why Not Zer0.2 “Nintendo Game Boy” will see a general release anytime soon, but let’s not speak too soon. Let us know what you think of these over on Facebook and Twitter!

Images: @reconbeatlab