What controversy?

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That’s what boxing champion Floyd “Money” Mayweather asked TMZ Sports before he was about to embark on an opulent spending spree in the Gucci store in Beverly Hills last night.

After several celebrities including T.I. and Spike Lee called for a boycott of the iconic brand after the Italy-based company promoted a sweater that resembled a Blackface image, prompting a backlash towards the high-end clothier in the Black community.


Appearing to just purposely go against the grain, Mayweather came out of the Rodeo Drive establishment flaunting several bags of the signature green and red brand.

He added following his stop and shop, “We all know racism still exists but that’s not gonna stop my drive. I’ve got friends from all walks of life and to me of course, black lives matter first … but my thing is this, I’m gonna continue to go out there live life and be happy and positive.”

See the video of his reaction to the boycott below.