Wendy Williams has been a fixture of daytime television for a decade and her absence is felt by her loyal audience as she is not there to deliver “Hot Topics” and the content that has made her a household name. The star host is currently recovering from Graves disease and states she is looking forward to a return to her proper place, the purple chair of The Wendy Williams Show.

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While Williams has been out, she has been supported by Nick Cannon and Jason Biggs in guest hosting duties. A source disclosed to Hollywood Life, Williams is looking forward to her return in the future.

“Wendy is confident that she is irreplaceable on her own show, no one can do what she does as well. While Wendy still has no timetable as to when she will return, she is excited and looking forward to returning as soon as possible,” the source stated.


“Wendy is grateful for her guest hosts, who have been filling in while she has been out, and thinks they are doing a great job. She is also happy, healing and excited to get back to work. She can’t wait to get back to her show and deliver like only she can for her fans.”

The source would go on to shoot down any rumors of Williams being replaced, amongst the additional details that have been swirling regarding the talk show star.

As for those who have been rumored to fill in permanently, such as Cannon, the source also shot that down and stated he is headed for a late night series with FOX. Today’s host on The Wendy Williams Show was Sherrie Sheppard.

Well wishes go out to Wendy Williams on her recover and looking forward to her eventual return to television.