Talk show host Wendy WIlliams has really been experiencing some difficult times, with her failing health and rumors swirling around her marriage, it’s hard to imagine that things could get any worse for the talk show pundit.

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However, rumors have been circulating that several members of the staff of The Wendy Williams Show do not want the 54-year old host to come back as their boss after the show’s brief postponing.

According to an exclusive RadarOnline report, the workplace is much more productive when Wendy and her estranged hubby aren’t in the picture.


“It has been like a vacation having guest hosts Opens a New Window… Everyone is laughing and smiling and working together. We all had gotten so used to walking on eggshells around Wendy and Kevin, we forgot what a fun work environment was,” said the anonymous employee.

“At first the staff was worried about losing their jobs,” the source admitted about the many people left in limbo when Williams started missing work. “Now it looks like the show can survive without Wendy, and a lot of people don’t want her to return.”

While the source is anonymous, many other staff members are excited about her return.

Over the past few months, Wendy has been on leave to for reportedly an injury to her arm and her ongoing thyroid issues. Despite her health challenges and the rumors about her personal life, she continues to work with her nonprofit The Hunter Foundation, that provides grants for drug education, prevention and rehabilitation programs.

During her hiatus influencers like Nick Cannon, Keke Palmer and Sheri Shepphard have stepped in to keep the party going.