As soon as he was released from ICE detention center, 21 Savage jumped on a private jet heading to Atlanta.

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TMZ published a picture of the rapper and his mother boarding the jet near the detention center where the “A lot” rapper was held for 9 days under circumstances that have been condemned by activists like Killer Mike and artists alike.


“That’s how we take people home when they win,” Alex Spiro, who joined 21 Savage’s legal team on behalf of Roc Nation earlier this month. When it was announced that his company was joining the fight, JAY-Z called 21’s detainment an “absolute travesty.”

21’s fight is far from over. We have no intention of getting him out and pretending like this never happened,” Spiro said in a recent interview. However, he did give good signs in the same interview assuring that the previous conviction that was mentioned in previous reports has been vacated and cannot be used in the case.