There is no question that Sheck Wes was a breakout star in 2018. His single “Mo Bamba” is triple platinum, top ten Billboard hit. The song also landed the Mudboy rapper an opening spot on Travis Scott’s Astroworld Tour. 2019 has not lived up to the previous year’s success. His ex-girlfriend, Justine Skye, took to Twitter to accuse to rapper of stalking and domestic abuse.

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Apparently, Justine Skye was walking with her current boyfriend, Goldlink, and some friends before they were attacked, while Sheck Wes was in a nearby getaway car. This incident sparked Skye to bring up previous occurrences of Wes’ alleged abuse.

“You’re pathetic sheck and you beat women. You hit your girl before me and you’ll do it again,” said Skye. The 23-year-old singer also posted a video that shows Sheck Wes hoping a gate.


The 20-year-old rapper continued to deny the allegations and claims to have kept quiet for a reason.

“I’ve chosen to remain silent until now out of respect for actual victims of abuse,” he said. “But I cannot stand by while lies are repeatedly told about me. I never hit or beat any women and I did not beat up or jump anybody.”

He later clarifies the video of him hoping the fence in a later tweet.

He later clarifies the video of him hoping the fence in a later tweet, saying he only did so to get his personal belongings.

Apparently, an eyewitness happened to be on the scene when Skye and her friends were attacked. They provided the exact location where the incident took place.

We’ll continue to provide updates as this story unfolds.