There is nothing better than celebrating Black Girl Magic in Black History Month! In addition to Cheri Beasley making history by becoming the first woman to lead North Carlina Supreme Court earlier this week, today is her birthday. Beasley will start on March 1 following the resignation of Chief Justice Mark Martin.

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In a statement to WRAL Beasley says her winning gives out hope of progression,  “I hope it’s a show of symbolism for where we are in North Carolina,” she said. “This is certainly not the North Carolina of 200 years ago. I’m excited about the fact that North Carolina has moved forward, that we do have a diverse court, and it’s so important that people feel good and have the confidence in the work that we do.”

Beasley previously served on the North Carolina Court of Appeals. In 2008 after defeating her opponent Douglas McCullough, Beasley becomes the first black woman to win statewide office in North Carolina without being appointed by a governor. Happy Birthday to the Queen Of First!