The Jussie Smollett drama just gets weirder and weirder.

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At the end of January, all of Black America was up in arms about the alleged attack on one of the cast members from the hit FOX series, Empire. Support came far and wide, even getting a response from the president, as people were aghast at Jussie Smollett’s racially and homophobic fueled beating outside of a Chicago Subway restaurant by two men yelling “Its MAGA Country” at 2am in the morning. See… even typing it… it sounds like an episode from the urban music soap opera.

The story goes, there were about two frightening letters sent to the network with a threat about Smollett. Weeks later, on the coldest day of the year, Smollett decided that he wanted to get some Subway (a tuna sandwich) to eat. While approaching the restaurant, he was attacked by two mysterious MAGA loving men who beat him up, poured bleach on him and also put a noose around his neck. Smollett did not originally call the police, but when he did, he was less than cooperative and did not hand over his phone. When he finally handed the phone over, he had edited messages and numbers. Shortly after this, a Robin Roberts’ interview and a whole lot of sympathy, the two Africans are picked up and the truth is seeping out.


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Now with the release of new evidence, few are inclined to believe the actor/ singer.

Last week, we heard that two Nigerian brothers, Abel and Ola Osundairo, were taken in as suspect. Big, Black and buff, they are far from what you expect when you hear “MAGA” mania. Still, people gave the whole situation the benefit of the doubt, as surely Smollett is not that attention crazed to fake everything.

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TMZ now reports, that the two Nigerian brothers have flipped on Smollett.  Days before “the incident” took place, the two men met up with Smollett and actually rehearsed and filmed a practice beat down. According to investigative site, the two brothers told law enforcement that they even drove around with Smollett to scout the location, finding one not far from the actor’s apartment.  The young men tell authorities that though Smollett wanted it to be a “physical thing,” the didn’t want to get hurt.

The two young men might have hurt him if they were serious. One was actually Smollett’s trainer at a gym.

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