This gives the term “a slap on the wrist” a totally different meaning.

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According to confirmed reports, a Toms River, New Jersey man was originally arrested with 80 sleeves of heroin and $740 in cash. An additional search of his storage uncovered a whopping 83 bricks of heroin, which averages out to about 4,200 doses with a worth of $25K on the street.

Toms River resident Gary Fox dodged prison and managed to be accepted into Ocean County’s Drug Court program by pleading guilty to two counts of third-degree possession with intent to distribute and a simple possession charge. Fox already had two prior drug convictions on his rap sheet before this arrest.


If Fox does not complete the drug program, he does face a ten-year prison sentence with parole eligibility in three and a half years.

According to the local prosecutor’s office, Fox’s sentence was not the result of a plea deal.