After a huge debate between longtime friends Mo’ Nique and Steve Harvey on The Steve Harvey Show last week started an uproar, Harvey now wishes she would have chosen his words wisely.

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If you have been living under a rock, here is what happened, Harvey had Mo’Nique on his talk show to discuss a private conversation they had about her wanting to boycott Netflix. Harvey argued that Mo’Nique should stop trying to get what is fair and just focus on getting the bag, “When you tell the truth, you have to deal with the repercussions of the truth. We back out here. We can’t come out here and do it any kind of way we want to. This is the money game. This ain’t the black man’s game, this ain’t the white man’s game. And you cannot sacrifice yourself. The best thing you can do for poor people is not be one of them.”

In a statement to E-News, the Family Feud host says, “My only regret in the whole thing was I misspoke. In the heat of the discussion, I used the word integrity when really I was talking about the method in which she was going about things, and that’s the only thing. I just want my young fans, the ones who look up to me, who consider me a role model in everything to know that I must misused the word integrity in the wrong context.”


He continues, “I was really referring to what we had been talking about all day, was her method of going about things. That’s the only thing, just for the young people out there, the fans of mine, cause I’ve lived my life as a man of integrity, my words speak… I think God wouldn’t have me in this position if I wasn’t doing something right.”

While there is some truth to Harvey’s point, in life it is about integrity vs. money, do you accept his apology?