After calling Meek Mill a “trash rapper” on Twitter during his 2019 NBA-All Star performance, and getting hurdled with a disgraced response, Michael Rapaport has expressed regret in his commentary.

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The actor called into Sway in the Morning on Tuesday to explain his recent rant with Sway and Heather B and took back his use of the word “trash” to describe the talent of Meek Mill and used his trait of bleak hip-hop judgment as an excuse. “I should not have used that word. He’s absolutely not a trash rapper,” said Rapaport. “I shouldn’t use that word. It was wrong and it wasn’t the right word. He’s not a trash rapper. I can’t say it and I wish I could take that word back. I’m harsh with my Hip Hop opinions and it’s the wrong word and it’s just not valid, it’s not true and it’s not reasonable. It was a stupid word to use.”

He continued to explain his reason behind the lengthy rant to whom he placed the blame on hip-hop bloggers and critics. He expressed how he felt as though their voices were technically irrelevant as hip-hop writer and critic is not one of the core elements of hip-hop culture. He ultimately revealed his sense of hurt over the well-documented case of culture vulture identification plagued by hip-hop critics.


“The thing that led me to carry on is these so-called Hip Hop bloggers, these culture critics, what are the four elements of Hip Hop? Nowhere in the elements of Hip Hop is there anything about a blogger or a fucking culture critics … listen, these mother fuckers … and all this culture vulture shit. I’ll quote the great Mantronix, ‘It’s for black, Puerto Ricans and the white people, too.’ This is an inclusive music.”

Rapaport went on to single out “fair-weather Meek Mill fans” who he says did not support the Philly rap star during his 2015 feud with Drake. When asked by Sway why he was focused on the now squashed feud- since the two have even gone on to do a collab, he claimed he was on Meek Mill’s side during the battle and went back to questioning the loyalty of the “Going Bad” rapper’s fan base. “I was rooting for Meek Mill to bury him in a battle form.” He continued, “These fans, where were you when they were dissing this guy calling him Mr. Minaj…”

In the light of Meek Mill and Michael Rapaport’s Twitter scuffle, Mill’s fan base was transparent on social media defending the transparency of his talent as a rapper. It is likely Meek’s fan base showing out has influenced Rapaport’s apology, but the Higher Learner actor seems to have concurrent beef with his critique being critiqued.

Watch Michael Rapaport’s call into Sway in the Morning, below.