We all heard the saying “happy wife, happy life” before. Well, this could be the case for one of America’s favorite couples.

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On Wednesday, Fox Sports’ Colin Cowherd claimed that he is “hearing” rumors that Russell Wilson’s love for Ciara has him eyeing the big apple as his next landing spot.


“The rumor I’m going to tell you about, I heard this yesterday—this is happening in the entertainment world—everyone will deny it,” Cowherd said. “Russell Wilson’s wife is Ciara… she would prefer to live in New York. And the Giants need a quarterback. And there’s nobody in the draft they love.”

The question, of course, is how Wilson would end up in New York. Would the Seattle Seahawks actually consider trading him while he was still under contract, even if for only one more season? And would the Giants be willing to pay the mountain of draft picks such an unprecedented deal would require?

The Giants have struggled the last few seasons with Manning at the helm and failed to make the playoffs last season. As Wilson approaches the end of his contract with Seattle, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch for the Giants to give up this year’s first-round pick and maybe next year’s as well, to make this move happen.