Diddy has reached a settlement with his former personal chef who filled a lawsuit against the founder of Bad Boy Entertainment for sexual harassment and forcing her to work overtime without proper payment.

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NBC Los Angeles reports, In her suit filed in May 2017 plaintiff Cindy Rueda alleged she often worked long hours and traveled with him, sometimes for up to two weeks, without receiving any additional pay.

Rueda also alleged that in June 2015, Diddy’s manager commented on the size of her lips and that he and one of her bosses asked a number of sexually oriented questions.


She said one of her bosses told her to sign a confidentiality agreement as well as a promise to arbitrate any labor disputes. She says she asked if someone could review the agreement because she did not understand it, but the supervisor told her not to share the paperwork with anyone or the offer would be rescinded and she would be fired.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Elizabeth Allen White had sent Rueda’s case to arbitration in August 2017, finding that she signed an employment agreement that, among other things, called for her to arbitrate any work-related disputes.

White previously rejected Rueda attorney Cristal Cabrera’s argument that the language of the document was skewed unfairly in favor of Diddy as the employer.

Earlier this week the lawyers told the judge that they came to an agreement.

No terms were publically discussed.