Former NFL player Chad Johnson, who is known for being very social on the internet took to Twitter to check on his followers on Friday. To his surprise, one of them was informed him that he would be facing home evection. So, Chad did something so unexpected and kind, he paid the followers rent. Chad began, “ How is everyone’s Friday going so far?”

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To which his friend Chris @swordinthedark replied, “Facing evection but its Friday.”

Chad replies, “Eviction, show me the notice and I will take care of it. “


Chris then tweets a copy of his eviction which showed that he had $1,318 in unpaid rent.

The follower then posted a picture of $1,500 payment via Pay Pal with the message, “God is our refuge and strength. I owe this man my life.”

Chad also wanted Chris to give a message to his landlord which involved his favorite soccer game for him. He said, “tell your landlord next time WE fall behind on rent to play me in FIFA for the balance.”