With the current resurgence of Pokémania due to the Pokémon GO craze that started back in 2016, popular streetwear imprint 10.Deep found a special way to celebrate the upcoming international “Pokémon Day” (February 27) by dropping an official collaboration featuring some of our favorite characters from the anime series. Yes, Pikachu included.

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Aside from our favorite pint-size yellow rodent, the capsule collection also features Team Rocket — that’s Jessie, James and infamously chatty-patty Pokémon Meowth for those of you out of the Pokéloop — featured in silhouette form and via a red-based graphic print. Meowth in particular gets his own bejeweled hoodie (seen above), meanwhile “Pika Pika” pops up on two shirts and the back of a hoodie as well. For those that remember the classic Team Rocket slogan, there’s also a standout shirt that has “Surrender now or prepare to fight!” etched on the back to give you all the nostalgic feels. Here’s a quick recap of their debut intro to the series in case you forgot:

While Pokémon cards won’t be included, although that would be a pretty sick add-on, each piece is cool enough to make you look less like a manchild that refuses to grow up and more like a diehard fan of a series that will never truly go out of style. In the words of Meowth, “That’s right!”

The 10.Deep x Pokémon capsule collection drops online and via the brand’s NYC pop-up (62 Kenmare Street) starting February 27 aka Pokémon Day. See the full lookbook below: