It could be said that battle rap, as a sport, is the grittiest form of Hip-Hop.

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It ’s a lyrical contest where a combination of bars, performance, and aggression is necessary to make impact… or is it?

While mainstream platforms like MTV’s Wild N’ Out or TNT’s Drop the Mic have taken their networks by storm, the internet goes undefeated as it has discovered a battle that is sure to shift how you view the battles. It is a clip of a new dad battling his baby boy.


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Son…. @ThatsHowItBDoe

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The man braces his son against a pillow, the pair lock eyes and the battle ensues. There is no coin toss but the first round is on dad.

“Fam listen, it’s Quentin vs BDoe. We playin’ different. I can mention, that you poop without warning. So keep an arm, and a hand distance. That babyface won’t help you even if you had a grand entrance. Since I’m giving you BARS, your new name is San Quentin.”

Despite dad throwing a few jabs, Quentin like a real “g” laughs it off. The first round is won goes to baby for killing dad’s whole verse with a vibrant smile and a few chuckles.

Dad can’t believe it, as he looks back toward the camera person.

“Wow get ya’mans!” exclaimed dad. He attempts to start his second round, but Young Quentin can’t seem to take dad serious as he continues to giggle.

Now, dad has no choice but to take it to the streets by channeling his inner Shotgun Suge.

“What ya’ life like Quentin? Everyday you get pocket checked! You eat like a king. Two parent household and you get lots of rest. Yo… you’re not a threat!”

Meanwhile, Quentin just laughs harder. Clearly, dad isn’t much of a threat either.

“You can’t come at me with gangsta’ talk, I bagged your mom, I tell you when to go to sleep. I don’t have any loses yet”

Again, Que laughs it off and claims that body. Young fella handing out 30 clips early. Somebody get Smack!!! He ready for Summer Madness!