HBO’s The Shop returns this week and with that will be a few hot takes. LeBron James and Maverick Carter will welcome Meek Mill, Anthony Davis, Jamie Foxx, Jerrod Carmichael and 2 Chainz on the season premiere episode.

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In the teaser trailer for season two, Meek had a few choice words about the jail system in this country.


After spending nearly five months incarcerated following a controversial sentence for violating probation, Meek was released in April 2018. After experiencing first hand how unjust the system can be, he joined with Jay-z to collaborate on criminal justice reform.

The duo is part of the newly established Reform Alliance,  a coalition of sports, entertainment and business leaders who collectively pledged $50 million with the goal of getting at least 1 million people out of jail over the next five years.

The talk show and unscripted series debuted last year and was critically acclaimed for its unapologetic approach. The new season kicks off Friday, March 1st at 10:30 pm ET.

The season premiere was filmed during NBA All-Star weekend, so expect a lot of shop talk about current events.