Though Michael Jordan played his last basketball game on April 16, 2003 to many he remains the gold standard when it comes to basketball. Perhaps the greatest of all time, 16 years after retirement he is still setting new records.

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Bringing six titles to the Chicago Bulls over the span of 13 years, he had a career that current NBA players still dream of having. Despite a plethora of records and accolades, his most recent achievement comes not on the court but online.

If you ever needed a reason to go through your personal 90’s collections, Jordan may have just given you 350,100 reasons to do so. According to the Chicago Tribune, an ultra-rare property was sold for approximately $350,100 on eBay.


This 1997 Metal Universe Michael Jordan card is one of only 10 ever produced. Only three of those cards are said to be in circulation. Yet this particular card stands alone in history because it is now the most expensive card sold on the the digital auction site. It is not only the most expensive card sold on eBay, it is now the most expensive Jordan card ever sold.

Physically brought to auction by the PWCC CEO Brent Huigens, the auction sale is the only time he has ever physically handled the card.

Sports insider Darren Rovell shared an image of the 18 year-old card on Twitter where he noted the card as “altered.” This means the card is authentic but it may have been touched up or repaired over the years.

Unfortunately, we will never know who delivered this gem to the PWCC, nor will we know who scooped it. Both the seller and buyer elected to remain anonymous.

If you do have an MJ card in the stash, we suggest you hold onto it because Sports Collectors Daily editor Rich Mueller says even his rookie card won’t bring in anywhere close to this six figure price tag.

His rookie card, even a PSA 10, (which is) gem mint — there aren’t a ton of those around — typically sells for $20,000 to $25,000.”

Card enthusiast were gonna miss out on this piece  history as auctioneers reported a $150,000 surge in the final two minutes of bidding.

Got old cards? Think twice about throwing them away.