Roman Reigns has announced that he is returning to the WWE, as his cancer is now in remission. Back in October of 2018,  Reigns announced that leukemia he’s been battling with for 11 years had returned. Now, that cancer has gone into remission. Reigns’ announcement came shortly after the program hit the airwaves, and came after he walked around the ring greeting several fans within arm’s length.

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“I’m probably going to say this a lot,” he began, “but thank you. I missed Y’all.”


Reigns then admitted he was scared to announce his diagnosis to the public as he was unsure of what the reaction would be. But when he did decide to do it he said he was sent many warm thoughts, blessings, and prayers. He then thanked the crowd again, as well as those watching at home.

As far as an in-ring return,  Reigns responded to chants of “WrestleMania” by sheepishly saying he has to crawl before he can walk and walk before he can run.

Should he be a part of WrestleMania season moving forward, a  Reigns WrestleMania-season return could not come soon enough for WWE with viewership continuing to decline during the temporary post-Reigns era. With five weeks until Mania, WWE can start the slow build to work him back into action.