After giving us some apparel for Holiday 2018, OKC star player Russell Westbrook crafts up even more gear via his brand Honor the Gift with the new “Collection 002” offering.

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Titled “Private/Public” — a play on the style dichotomy between state-funded & privately-funded institutions — this range includes both preppy vibes and a bit of streetwear edge as well. On the “Private” side, you’ve got suit sets, polos, collared shirts and chinos that follow a very neutral color palette. The “Public” is way more loose-fitting and colorful, opting for T-Shirts with fiery graphics, quarter-zip fleece sweaters, beanies and hoodies amongst other items. As the NBA dress code is notoriously strict, we can clearly see how the two sides of this collection were heavily inspired by the wide spectrum of fashion in Westbrook’s own wardrobe.

Check for Honor the Gift’s Collection 002 “Private/Public” starting March 5 through the brand’s web store. Peep the full lookbook below:

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