Could it be that Solange is gearing up to drop new music? Well, it certainly looks that way, Tuesday via Twitter, the “Cranes in the Sky” singer announced that she has a new and personalized Black Planet Page. For those of you who don’t know what Black Planet is, basically a social network site for black women and men to discuss political issues, social issues, and engage in other dialogue.

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Her Black Planet page has a  black background with sultry photos, one which showcases her upside down in a split at the top of a pole,  silent videos, and phrases. Also posted on her Solange’s page is dates to festivals she will be performing at. Her first stop will be May 30th at the Heartland Festival in Denmark and she will end with her grand finale July 12th at the Lovebox Festival in the United Kingdom.


She also posts the message on her Black Planet page to have patience because the site is making upgrades. Could she possibly be the new owner?

While we are not sure what Solange is really up to, what we do know is we are here for it.