Dame Dash is putting in over time to save a project after a judge ordered a temporary injunction against him.

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The Blast reports that the mogul provided a declaration for his case and name dropped some powerful names.

He mentioned co-founding Roc-a-Fella records with JAY-Z, discovering Kanye West, and casting Kevin Hart in his first feature film.


Josh Webber and Muddy Water Pictures, sued Dame Dash for publicly saying that he was apart of Dear Frank although he was already dropped from the film.

Dash and Webber had been working on the film since 2016, and Dame was set to direct. But he was dropped in 2018 after allegedly being high on set and the film was wrapped up without him.

Webber claims that Dash was sending promotion materials to BET for a film called The List, which was the original title and made it seem like he was still apart of it.

“Webber sued for defamation and copyright infringement seeking unspecified damages plus an injunction against Dash continuing to claim he was apart of the movie,” The Blast reports.