All eyes will be on the return of HBO’s The Shop on March 1st, as two controversial sports figures will use the open platform to get a few things off their chest.  In the teaser trailer, Antonio Brown speaks on how people twist the narratives about you as a person when you are looking out for yourself.

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“That’s the narrative they try to create once you doing your own thing,” Brown explained. “It’s like, this guy’s a distraction. He’s this type of guy. All I’ve ever been is a guy who came from Central Michigan, 6th round, who worked his ass off.”


LeBron James piggybacked off of what Brown said by relating it to the Anthony Davis’ situation. Davis requested a trade out of New Orleans and now it appears as though the team and the media are laying blame on the superstar. James even went so far as to say that maybe the Pelicans themselves are the ones making AD out to be the bad guy.

“7 years in the league, nobody’s ever said anything negative about AD but you can tell when the narrative changed when you don’t do what they want you to do,” James said.

James and Maverick Carter have created the perfect platform for entertainers and sports athletes, to voice their concerns and opinions. Good guy or bad guy, it doesn’t matter. What The Shop shows us is, the narrative should be on the player to dictate.