Today, SprayGround will be releasing their exclusive men’s backpack presented in collaboration with New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Mentian Kamara. The Alvin Kamara Mardi Gras Bag by Sprayground pre-release will take place at one of New Orleans’ most notable boutiques; Sneaker Politics located on 216 Chartres Street from 11am-4pm. Alvin Kamara will be making an in-store appearance to greet fans and sign autographs. The second-year NFL star has been an inspiration to the city of New Orleans, so it is fitting that Sprayground acknowledges Kamara’s success especially during this year’s Mardi Gras.

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Alvin Kamara has been such a legendary figure in the New Orleans’ community that local street artist Devin Dewulf recently made a mural along the side of The New Orleans Arts center building. In a recent article from Devin Dewulf was quoted saying, “Kamara is my favorite player on offense. He’s a mythical figure in my mind. Nobody can tackle him, and he’s such a unique person with his personality and sense of fashion.” Moreover, Liz Loza of Yahoo Sports journalist mentioned Kamara as her top-10 player to watch this offseason. Fans have described Kamara as New Orleans superhero and Sprayground has developed the ultimate utility backpack.

Developed in 2010, Sprayground has become a leader in the accessories industry through quality, art, and function. Founder and head designer, David Ben David has managed to create a brand that is trendy and relatable. The brand has built a reputation for attention-grabbing artwork themes such as Dragon Ball Z and Fortnite. David plans on incorporating 80s collectible cards brand ‘Cabbage Patch Kids’ and many other creative components to the Sprayground’s upcoming collection.


Now, with the help of Alvin Kamara, Sprayground plans on celebrating Mardi Gras in true Sprayground fashion. Learn more about Sprayground’s collaboration with Alvin Kamara @sprayground
Photography by @brendanforbes