Men’s fashion gives off a variety of different vibes depending on where you are in the world — shirt collars, tailored fits and especially patterns switch up from region to region — and now menswear imprint 18 East is taking us all the way to Vietnam for the third delivery in the brand’s Spring 2019 offering.

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Designer Antonio Ciongoli, formerly of the CFDA-certified menswear brand Eidos, put together a full 23-piece collection for “DROP THREE” that incorporates techniques in Vietnamese fashion when it comes to weaving, embroidery and color themes used as well. From Hmong batik-inspired jackets and pants that utilize Cham weaving in the seams, to a collaboration on upcycled 501 denim with Cali-based brand Atelier & Repairs that features Vietnamese vintage fabrics, the culture is widely represented throughout this well-crafted collection. Other highlights include a series of Printer’s tees with help from Standard Issue, hemp fabrics fashioned in a variety of styles and a stylish take on traditional fisherman tunikas and pants in a neutral beige tone (seen above) with matching bucket-style headwear.

Check for “DROP THREE” in the new 18 East collection to arrive in the brand’s online store starting this Thursday (March 7). Peep the full lookbook below: